Waist Bags in Ghana

Waist Bags in Ghana
Waist Bags in Ghana
Today, small waist bags are worn by everyone. After all, this is such a convenient and versatile accessory that can be combined with any style. The main thing is to choose the right model.
A feature of any loincloth haberdashery is convenience. After all, it allows you to always have with you the necessary and valuable things (phone, money, keys, documents). And most importantly, your hands will always be free. After all, the presence of an adjustable strap allows you to wear the accessory on the belt or across the chest.
The ROZETKA online store offers a large assortment of belt bags for men and women. Men’s products are characterized by a laconic design, minimal decor and a limited range of colors. Therefore, hip bags for strong and charismatic men are black, brown, gray, dark blue or green accessories of the most simple form. But female models are distinguished by their variety and rich color palette. Belt products for women can be of different shapes and sizes, with or without decor. And besides the classic colors on our website you can order products of the brightest shades (red, orange, turquoise, yellow, etc.).
Interesting fact! The French call the waist bag “le banane”, and this is how the name “banana” appeared. But in English banana is translated as “bumbag”, although no one wears it on the buttocks.
To buy a high-quality belt bag, it is enough to place an online order on the ROZETKA website. We cooperate only with trusted suppliers, therefore we offer original products of famous brands: Louis Vuitton, Guess, Gucci, Michael Kors, Calvin, Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and others.
However, it is not enough just to order a branded one, you also need to choose the right model, taking into account the style of clothing and other factors:
As for the colors and appearance, for girls, haberdashery decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, beads or decorative stones will be an ideal option. Floral belt bags go well with summer dresses. But for men, restrained models of classic colors are more suitable. Accessories with a small print or inscriptions, complemented by various accessories (for example, chains) are considered a youth option.
When choosing the number of pockets and the type of fastener, proceed from the convenience of sorting items that are similar not only in purpose, but also in size:
The thigh accessory can be worn both on the belt and obliquely across the chest. The second option is more suitable for overweight people, but today almost all young people wear a banana like that. On the belt, the bag can be placed at the front, back and center, and on the chest – at the back, front and side at hand. Some models are additionally equipped with a strap for carrying in hand. https://jiji.com.gh/bags/waist
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