Second generation Audi Q5 at a glance: a practical evolution.

Second generation Audi Q5 at a glance: a practical evolution.

For more than eight years, Audi has been producing the first generation Q5 crossover, and during this time the car has been updated only once. So the fans of the company were looking forward to the new Q5 – last year the crossover reached the Russian market. In 2017, the Germans sold about 2,700 mid-size crossovers in Russia.

However, if you remember that the new product debuted with us only in June, it is obvious that annual sales do not quite reflect the real demand for the new Q5. For example, in December, Audi sold almost 300

The restyled Q5 of the first generation and the hero of our material are separated in time by a long five years, so the changes in appearance are very noticeable, especially by Audi standards. The crossover now looks more solid and a little heavy, resembling the appearance of the larger Q7.

The radiator grille has become larger, with a pronounced edging and massive horizontal stripes of chrome. The headlights are now slightly narrower and significantly extended in length. Chromed

The Q5 comes standard with bi-xenon headlights, but advanced matrix headlights are also available for an extra charge. There are also turn signals with sequential switching on of LEDs – all according to the latest automotive fashion.

Q5 of the second generation is 34 mm longer, although such an increase in size is difficult to see even in profile.

At the rear, the changes compared to its predecessor are also noticeable. Thanks to the massive bumper and a different shape of the boot lid, the new Q5 looks more impressive. Large lanterns have only slightly changed their shape, but they look very appropriate.

At the rear, the crossover is made in the same style as the larger Q7.

Audi cars in recent years have been distinguished by thoughtful, neat and high-quality interiors, and the new Q5 is no exception. Volkswagen car owners will find familiar elements in the interior trim and dashboard.

Sticking out of the center console

The air conditioner control unit has convenient rotary washers for temperature regulation, and displays showing the set temperature are built directly into them. The metal buttons in the central part cool your fingers pleasantly, and the buttons for the three-level seat heating are optimally positioned. Slightly below there is a block of buttons responsible for various functions of the car: selection of the transmission mode, turning on the system

The central tunnel houses the multimedia system control unit. This is a small touchpad with four buttons, as well as a washer that, when rotated, switches between menu items.

The gear lever has a large knob, and a separate key is used to move the box to the Parking position – not the most convenient, but quite common solution. Nearby are the button for the electronic parking brake and the button for holding the car in traffic jams. Slightly to the right is a narrow compartment where you can put your smartphone – however, devices with screens of about 6 inches can no longer fit there.

The Audi Q5 also has a compartment for wireless charging of smartphones. It is sliding, underneath is a pair of cup holders. And here it was not without a convenient function: you can turn on the heating or cooling of the compartment, so that in winter you can enjoy hot coffee all the way, and in summer – cold mineral water.

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